Bisher dokumentierte Vorfälle

Dezember 2013 – Uni Potsdam

Date of incident:


Name of University:

Universität Potsdam

Name of the class or course in which the incident occurrred:

Organisations des Spracherwerbs als Kommuninative Leistung

Name of the teacher or professor:

Margret Selting

*Reported by (political/social position, for example: white, Black, Person of Color)

i am a latin american womyn

  1. Description of the Incident

*What happened?

I was presenting a referat and was very nervous, to which my german speaking skills reacted very bad (as if blocked). At the end of the presentation the teacher said we (me and my Russian colleague who actually performed great) should go to a german course instead of master course and humiliated us for every little mistake, even though she had access to all our material in forehand and we also met before  the referat.

How did you feel?

I felt terribly humiliated and cried in front of everyone. After that I could not step in the university again for I had nervous break down. I also was harassed by some colleagues afterwards, which made me totally blocked and had me abandon this semester.

Did you speak out against the incident?

*If so, how? What reaction did you get from the perpetrators or other witnesses?

Well, right after it happened i look out for help and found you. I was very afraid of speaking out against it for this teacher is in a very important position and I also have other classes with her. I looked for some psychological support, which i found, but i am still afraid. I now worry about my course and of course my visa that relies on it. I also feel now stronger to to speak out against it, for it really messed up my life and probably of other people too (like my colleague who was also harassed and constantly talks about abandoning the course too).

  1. Consequences of the incident

Did an intervention follow the incident?

If so, how did it go?


No, so far I haven’t done anything about it. But I am really afraid some thing bad could happen.

*mandatory field, please fill in

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