Dringender Hilferuf aus Rußland

Hier ein dringender Hilferuf aus Rußland: der Kongolesische Student Boris Desten ist, nachdem er Opfer eines rassistischen Angriffs in Moskau wurde, von der Uni geschmissen worden und soll nun auf noch das Land verlassen. Die RassistInnen bekommen Recht und das Opfer wird „wegen Beteiligung an dem Vorfall“ zum Täter gestempelt und noch zusätzlich bestraft…
Wir können helfen: tun wir’s!

Hier der Aufruf hoch geschätzter Kolleg_innen aus Rußland (vom Youth Human Rights Movement) und im Anhang ein Musterbrief an den zuständigen Uni-Rektor in Moskau:

„About Boris:
In the evening of May 9th Boris Desten, a Congolese student of the Moscow State University of Food Production, was attacked on the street by 8 young people when he was coming back from the official celebration of the victory in WWII to his dormitory. According to Boris Desten, he was being beaten up with the cries, which he considered humiliating to his skin colour. Boris called ambulance and the  medical certificate from Botkin hospital in Moscow states that he had received abrasions of forehead and the back of the head. A Policemen refused to register his complaint because “it’s Friday and holiday and this is Russia”.

On May 12 Boris got to know that he expelled from the university for the reason of “participation in the incident on 9 May 2010, which ended up with a fight on the dormitory territory”. He was evicted from the dormitory at the same date. Till 29 July the security guard of the dormitory did not allow the student to access his personal belongings. Boris Desten did not possess of any other clothes, except clothes in his dormitory room. Several days later he was robbed on the street and all his money, cell phone and even shoes were stolen. Visa, that provides Boris Desten with a legal stay in Russia, expires on 24 August, 2010.

He hadn’t any problems with the university administration till that incident and was considered to be a good student with proper marks. Boris had to ask for an asylum, financial and legal support trying to survive in Moscow and to get back his status of a student.

What can be done to protect Boris:

the official appeal can be sent from individuals and organizations on the address on the university;

to inform German universities which cooperate with MSUFP university about this case and to ask them to put a pressure on their partner in Russia;

to call to the university administration and to ask why Boris was expelled;

It will be great if you can inform me of my colleagues (stud-solidarity-desten@yhrm.org)about undertaken actions.

German partners of the university:


Hohenheim University, Stuttgart, Germany
Universität Hohenheim
70593 Stuttgart
Telefon:0711 459-0
Telefax: 0711 459-23960


Technical University of Dresden, Dresden, Germany
TU Dresden
Dezernat 5
01062 Dresden
Tel.: +49 351 463-37044
Fax: +49 351 463-37284



Wir als AK UniWatch schließen uns diesem Aufruf an.


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